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A simple change of hair color can entirely alter your confidence. Picking the right hair color for your skin tone is very important. Some colors can wash out your skin tone, whereas others can highlight your skin tone and make you appear brighter. Here are a few tips on picking out the right hair color for you depending on your skin tone.

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Defining Skin Tones And Why Finding The Right Hair Color Is Important

The right shade is almost like treasure, once it’s found it’s wonderful, but the process to finding it can be trial and error. However, knowing your skin tone can easily map the way to finding the right hair color for you. There are two categories of skin tones: warm or cool. To determine which, green veins indicate warm undertones. On the other hand, blue or purple veins indicate cool undertones.

Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tones are best paired with warm hair colors. Hair colors that have golden or copper undertones will bring out the color of your skin the best. In contrast, you want to avoid going towards ashy tones as they drain the color out of your skin. Eye color also plays a role in choosing your hair color. Blue or green eyes are best emphasized with warm colors as well.  

Cool Skin Tones

Just as warm colors match a warm skin tone, the same goes for cool skin tones. Blue, purple, and pink are all cool, and would pair together well on someone with a cool skin tone. Or, if colorful bright colors are not your thing, platinum blonde or black are also solid options. Though black can be scary for some if it is not their natural hair color, black hair is actually very fitting for many people, especially those with cool tones. 

Olive Skin Tones

Olive skin tones are more difficult to choose for, as they can be either cold or warm. Going too warm or too cold can look very out of place for those with olive tones. So considering multiple things would be of great interest to those with olive skin tones. First off, undertone. Are you warm or cold? The second thing to think about is eye color. Those of lighter eye colors should avoid going too dark, as the contrast can look too dramatic and wash you out. Darker eyes on the other hand suit most colors. 

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Dark Skin Tones

Darker skin can also be challenging to find the right hair color for. As with olive skin, dark skin can be either warm or cool. For darker skin tones, undertones are very important to pay attention to. Warm undertones would be suited for a more copper reddish color, whereas cooler undertones would suit an ashier brown or a dark black. As with other skin tones, eye color can also be good to pay attention to when choosing a color. 

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In conclusion, though it may be hard and consist of a few tries, finding the right hair color for you is worth it. Not only will you be able to explore more colors once knowing what specific shades suit you, you’ll also notice a confidence boost. Contact Sage Hair Studio for more insight on what colors would be right for you.