The perfect haircut matches your features. Keeping that in mind, one of the most important features to pay attention to when picking out a hairstyle is face shape. The goal of a hairstyle is to accentuate your features, as you would with jewelry or clothes. However, if you pick out a hairstyle that does not accomplish this, it can make you look washed out, or hide your features.

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Why Face Shape Matters For Haircuts

The goal of a haircut is different for everyone. However, in order to bring out your features rather than hide them, which some people may prefer, you have to think about your face shape, as well as your features. For example, if you have very prominent cheekbones, you’ll want to get a haircut that shows them off. Or for some people who dislike the size of their forehead, they get bangs to cover their forehead. Sometimes, people are so accustomed to a hairstyle that they kept growing up, they are scared move out of that comfort zone, and find a new hairstyle that could possibly emphasize their more positive features. This is especially important for men’s haircuts or those who simply prefer having shorter hair.


Starting with an oval shape, this face shape is the easiest and most versatile to work with. It goes well with hard cut edges or flowy hair. If your jawline is slightly wider than your cheekbones and your chin is thinner than the width of your forehead, you have an oval face. Other face shapes like square and diamond are also similarly versatile and easy to find a haircut for.


In contrast to an oval shape, the round face shape is the most difficult shape to work with. In terms of this shape, there are haircuts that help balance the roundness to make it look more proportional. The recommended haircut for a round face for men, would be a classic short back and side, or a textured crop haircut. Both of these haircuts bring less attention to the roundness of the face. On the other hand, a lot of individuals love the round shape of their face and choose to accentuate it! Never be afraid to look for ways to accentuate and embrace the roundness of your face! 


The main goal for most individuals with an oblong face shape is bringing balance. To do this, many give length to the top, while the sides are shorter. This gives the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. Long hair or a center part can make the face look longer, so if you are not a fan of the long face look, avoid these two haircuts/styles. Otherwise, the oblong shape can fit into a variety of hairstyles. 


As one of the most desired face shapes, the heart shape is fairly versatile when it comes to trying different haircuts. Heart shaped faces have a wide forehead, narrow chin, and high cheekbones. With this shape, you will want to balance the forehead width and the narrowness of the chin. In relation to accentuating features such as high cheekbones, a textured quiff, or sweeping fringe could be helpful.

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To conclude, although accentuating your features is important, don’t forget to embrace your natural face shape. The goal of every person is not to visually alter their face shape with a hairstyle. If you are looking to accentuate your face shape, schedule a consultation with a professional hair stylist to determine which style would be most flattering. Contact Sage Hair Studio today!